Construction Phase Services
Construction Phase Services

Progress Meetings:

Objective : To provide the forum for contractors, Architectural & Engineering Design firms (A/E), contractors and subcontractors to meet and discuss job progress, present ideas, discuss problems and solutions and to effect charges in a timely manner.

Strategy: We will arrange and conduct construction progress meeting every 15 days. These meeting will include all team members and minutes documenting discussions, decisions, and actions / responsibilities will be immediately prepared and distributed to all. The need, frequency and type of participation will be determined for the project prior to the construction.
Areas of Concentration:
• Programmes
• Cost Control
• Construction Coordination
• Project Charges
• Project Acceleration

Benefits to Client: Construction progress meetings are the monitoring / control tool of the management plan during construction. It enables progress to be documented, problems addressed and solutions implemented in a timely manner.

Safety Program:

Objective: To see that the contractor will implement an appropriate safety programme throughout the construction process for contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.

Pre-construction Meetings:

Objective: To hold pre-construction meetings with the successful contractors, members form the A/E design firm, Client and the Project Management representative.

Strategy: Prior to construction there will be a meeting held with the successful contractor, to review the programme, scope of work of the policies and procedures.

Areas of Concentration:
• Lines of authority
• Contractual reporting requirements.
• Schedule verification
• Safety program

Benefits to Client: The pre-construction meetings will educate the contractor on the management policies and procedure on the effect on the project for management. It will facilitate mobilization for the project and will establish the memorandum to be carried on throughout the duration of the project.

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