Design and Pre-Construction
Design and Pre-Construction

1) Monitoring of all design works: architectural, civil, and electro-mechanical.
2) Follow up the design progress according to the agreed programme of work.
3) Conduct progress meetings every 15 days and report to the client.
4) From day one of consultant appointment, coordinate with local authorities: Electricity. Water, Municipality Town Planning, Etisalat, Civil Defense, etc… in order to support the consultant for permit submission and approval without delay.
5) Cost and quality control.
6) Code compliance and Value Engineering.
7) Feasibility Study.
8) Coordinate with consultant for the preparation of tender documents:
       8.a) Condition of Contract/ bid bond.
       8.b) Technical Specifications.
       8.c) Bill of Quantities
       8.d) Drawings.
9) Prequalification and shortlisting of specialized contractors in close coordination with the client.
10) Invitation of selected contractors from the above Shortlist to submit their Technical and financial proposals in separate envelopes.
11) Evaluation of technical proposal first based on agreed established criteria with the client.
12) Evaluation of financial proposals and recommendation to the client for award.
13) Preparation of letter of intent and contract Agreement for the contractor.

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