Construction Stage
Construction Stage

“PALMTECH” will provide construction management services which will encompass the design and construction phases of the Project. During the design phase, the construction management personnel will be limited to such staff as is required to provide input on the Project Management Plan, advice on construction scheduling and planning, participate in constructability reviews and provide input to contract documentation. During the construction phase, we will provide daily services for coordination, administration and management of all construction related activities of the Project.

Progress Meetings
  To provide the forum for contractors, Architectural & Engineering Design firms (A/E), contractors and subcontractors to meet and discuss job progress, present ideas, discuss problems and solutions and to effect charges in a timely manner.

Safety Program
  To see that the contractor will implement an appropriate safety programme throughout the construction process for contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.

Pre-construction Meetings
  To hold pre-construction meetings with the successful contractors, members form the A/E design firm, Client and the Project Management representative.

Contract Administration
  To monitor and assure the Designer is coordination the activities of all the construction materials and equipment, contractors and subcontractors.

Permits / License
  To ensure permits and licenses, as required for the project, are obtained in a timely manner and maintained throughout the duration.

Bonding/ Insurance
  To ensure that the total programme for the construction in bonded and that the contractor carries adequate insurance to cover its personnel and 3rd Parties while working on the project.

Document Control
  To maintain throughout construction a current set documentation, including construction documents and subsequent addenda, in addition to tracking submittals, request for information and Change Order information and pricing.

  To confirm with the successful contractor the construction programme is planned and initiated during the design phase.

Project Accounting
  To enhance and maintain the project accounting as develop during design phase under cost control.

  To institute a change management programme for the successful coordination and delivery of construction changes.

  To review and certify monthly invoices submitted by contractors and suppliers,

Close out
  To finish the project as strongly as its starts with the confidence that all systems have been checked out and are proven to operate effectively and as designed.

  To provide client periodic reports illustrating the complete status and overall status of the entire programme.

Certificate of Occupation
  To understand and fulfill all the necessary regulatory requirements to obtain a certificate of Occupancy and adequate time for a smooth and orderly Owner

  To identify and collect all warranties and guarantees required by the contract documents, and to develop procedure for inspection and correction of warranty

Operation and Maintenance:
  To deliver all necessary documentation and training to provide a smooth transition for the client staff.

Final Accounting:
  To provide a final accounting of the project funds.